Biden will remove ban on Muslim countries after becoming President

America's newly elected President Joe Biden has announced the masterplan of the work he will do in the first 10 days of his term after the swearing-in. He has focused on the fight against Kovid-19, the economy, and immigration. His chief of Staff Ron Clann sent a memorandum to senior staff.
This includes stopping the steps taken by outgoing President Donald Trump in many areas, details of the plan, etc. These orders will allow the United States to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, as well as the travel ban imposed on Muslim countries, which will be released on Sunday by the Transition Office for the media.
Another promise was made to legalize 1.1 crores, illegal migrants. According to their manifesto, 5.00,000 of these are Indians. There, at the swearing-in ceremony, newly elected Vice President Kamal Haris will get Justice Sania Sotamayar of the State High Court.