China's underwater drones are stationed in the Indian Ocean

China has deployed a full fleet of underwater drones in the Indian Ocean that can operate for months. The purpose behind deploying these drones is to gather intelligence for his navy. Defense analyst H.I. Sutton has revealed this.

In his article in Forbes magazine, Sutton has stated that these under-ground drones (C wing gliders) deployed in large numbers are of the uncrewed underwater vehicle (UUV) variety. They were planted here in mid-December 2019. Through them, China had received 3400 surveillance notifications till February. These drones are similar to the ones the US Navy had put under surveillance of the sea, which was captured by China in 2016.

It is astonishing that now China has deployed similar drones in the Indian Ocean. These drones are capable of long-term and long-range surveillance. These Chinese drones are constantly collecting information and ocean data which are also being used as intelligence gathering for the Chinese Navy.

It may be noted that Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Vipin Rawat has already said that the world is witnessing a run for strategic positions in the Indo-Pacific region. He said this at the Global Dialog Security Summit. He had said that in view of the challenges facing India, we need to prepare long term plans and develop military capability to increase our capacity.