Chinese fighter aircraft once again entered Taiwanese area

Just a few days after Joe Biden became president in the US, China began to intimidate Taiwan. China's fighter jets breached Taiwan's airspace for the second consecutive day. Taiwan's Ministry of Defense reported that China had sent 15 fighter jets on Sunday. 
A day earlier, 13 fighter jets violated airspace. China considers this island region to be it's own and has also threatened to occupy it forcefully. It has increased its military activity near Taiwan. According to Taiwan's Ministry of Defense, China had dispatched six J-10s, four J-11s, two Sukhoi-30s, two anti-submarine aircraft, and one reconnaissance aircraft. 
Air defense missile systems are activated to monitor their movements. Taiwanese fighters also were rushed to China on Saturday sent 13 fighter jets, including eight bombers H-6K and four J-18s. China had also shown its disenchantment with fighter jets during US Assistant Secretary of State Keith Crutch's visit to Taiwan in September.
 China continues to do this kind of action to threaten this island region. Taiwan's President Sai Ing-wen said in his New Year message that the His country faces a military threat from China.