Donald Trump pardons 143 people, including former chief strategist Steve Bannon

US President Donald Trump pardoned 143 people, including his former chief strategist Steve Bannon, hours before his term ended. While 73 people have been pardoned, the punishment for 70 people has been reduced. However, President Trump has not pardoned himself, his family, or his lawyer Rudy Guliani. 

Many times such a discussion had come up that the President can grant an apology to the family including himself. The US President has the right of pardon under the Constitution. No government department can review the president's decision.

The special thing is that the President can reduce the pardon or punishment only in case of federal crime. Eliot Brody, who raised money for Trump, and former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick have also been granted amnesty. Kilpatrick is serving a 28-year prison sentence on corruption charges. Rapper Lil Wayne and Kodak Black have also been granted amnesty.

While Wayne has confessed to illegally possessing weapons, Black is accused of making false statements in the arms procurement case. Trump has already pardoned his supporters and colleagues.