Fastag toll collection crosses Rs 2,300 crore in December

In December 2020, toll collection from Fastag stood at Rs 2,303.79 crore. It increased by Rs 201 crore as compared to November. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) gave this information on Tuesday.

The government had announced making FASTAG mandatory from January 1. However, it was later extended to 15 February. NHAI reported that toll collection from Fastag stood at Rs 2,102 crore in November. Fastag has also led to a significant increase in the number of transactions. There were a total of 12.48 crore transactions from Fastag in November.

In December, the number of transactions from Fastag reached 13.84 crores with an increase of 10.83 percent. The total number of users using Fastag has gone up to 23 million. Its share in total toll collection is more than 75 percent. The authority said that FASTAG's acceptance is increasing with constant efforts and people's support. Fastag will be mandatory on all tolls from 15 February.