Govt begins examination of WhatsApp's new data privacy policy: Report

The new policy update of WhatsApp has prompted the government to start investigating them amid reports of a threat to privacy. WhatsApp has said that it is ready to answer all questions of the government on this issue. Sources said the impact of the new policy of Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is under discussion in the Ministry of Information and Technology (IT).

Many people, including some big entrepreneurs, have expressed concern in this regard, so it needs to be examined in detail. Not only this, but the new policy of WhatsApp will also be tested on the scale of the existing law. So far the ministry has asked WhatsApp in this regard Meanwhile, Whatsapp's global head will Cathcart said the company is committed to protecting and protecting users.

He said, We know that we have to face stiff competition to win the trust of users in the matter of privacy and this is a good thing for the world. People should have a choice of how they will communicate. Also, they should be confident that no one can see their conversation. Cathcart then asserted that end to end encryption is used in users' private chatting so that no one can read the conversation.

This is the case: WhatsApp recently sent a notification to the users to update their policy. It was said that using WhatsApp. The new policy will have to be approved by February 8 to stay. Ever since this notification surfaced, a discussion arose in the internet media that the privacy of users was threatened by the new policy of WhatsApp. Under the new policy, WhatsApp will share the data of users with other apps and products of Facebook. WhatsApp is constantly denying it.