Hasina Begum released from Pakistan after 18 years reaches her home

65-year-old Hasina Begum of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, reached her land after 18 years. Before leaving, she said that she felt relaxed after coming to his homeland (India). She had to endure a lot of torture while living in the jail of Pakistan for 18 years. 
There was no fault. She went to Pakistan to visit her relatives. Police arrested him for missing his passport there. No arguments were heard. On December 21 last year, no one came to pick up Hasina Begum who reached the attic border after being released from Pakistan. Hence, he was lodged at the inn at Gurunanak Dev Hospital, Amritsar. 
 A team of Aurangabad administration met the Amritsar administration on 26 January and left for Aurangabad with laughter Begum. Released on court order: Hasina knocked at the door while serving a jail sentence in Pakistan. She repeatedly kept telling the judge that she did not commit any crime and passport has been lost. Have mercy on me.