Indian vaccines proving to be the safest in the world

Both the vaccine Kovshield and Kovachen made in India are proving to be the safest in the world. In the last four days, 6.31 lakh health workers were vaccinated in the country, of which less than 0.001 percent were admitted to hospital after vaccination, while in the case of Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, 0.6 percent were hospitalized.

Along with this, the vaccination campaign in India is also going on at a much faster pace than in other countries of the world. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said on Tuesday that a total of 0.18 percent of cases of side effects (Adverse Event Following Immunization-AEFI) have been reported in India so far.

Of these, only 0.002 percent had serious adverse effect cases till Monday. Those who had to be hospitalized. But after vaccination on Tuesday, no serious side effects were seen in any of them. In this way, the cases with serious side effects were reduced to about 0.001 percent as compared to the total cases. He said that out of the 0.18 percent cases which have adverse effects and only common symptoms like pain, swelling, irritability are seen.