Jewelery brand Tanishq introduces 'shagun for 21' on diamond jewelery

Tanishq, India's most trusted and most loved jewelry brand, has offered its customers a 'shagun for 21' for a positive and holy start to the new year. Entering 2021, everyone wants life to be normal again and filled with happiness. 
To encourage these hopes, expectations are being given by Tanishq. Adding the 'one' number under this offering is a symbol of blessing, purity, and prayer. To bring prosperity to life, this is the aim of "One". Keeping this thinking in mind, Tanishq is giving 'shagun for 21' to its customers. In this, the customer will get up to a 21 percent discount on Tanishq diamond jewelry. 
Tanishq is also being given an extra discount on every piece of jewelry worth over Rs. 12 lakh. Customers are also getting golden opportunity to buy jewelry. The old gold in Tanishq is given a 100 percent exchange price. These offers will be applicable for a limited time only. Customers can visit their nearest Tanishq store or website to get more knowledge and benefits. 
You can shop online by visiting Under this offer, fingers, earrings, pendants, bracelets, bracelets and necklace sets can be purchased at attractive prices in one to one fine designs. As such, the glory of diamond jewelry is unique. Diamond jewelry is excellent for wearing and gifting on any occasion.
 Whether it is for yourself or for your loved ones, shopping for diamond jewelry is always special. Tanishq has the largest range of diamond jewelry available. Every choice of customers is surely fulfilled in Tanishq.