Johnson & Johnson's corona vaccine is 66% effective

A single dose of the Corona vaccine, prepared by American drug maker Johnson & Johnson, has been found effective up to 66 percent to prevent mild and severe diseases. These are the findings of the third phase and included 44,000 volunteers. 
One worrying fact is that the vaccine is effective in preventing the coronavirus, but its effect is reduced in dealing with variants of the virus. On Friday, the company said that a single dose of the Corona vaccine in the US and seven other countries was 66% effective in cases of moderate to severe illness. According to the company's statement, its impact in different areas varied.
 The vaccine did a great job in the US, where it is up to 72% effective against the virus. The vaccine has been found to be 66 percent effective in Latin American countries. In addition, in countries like South Africa, this vaccine was effective up to 57%.