Looking at its falling market in India, WhatsApp changed its policy

Looking at falling its market in India, WhatsApp has postponed its privacy policy for now. It is also reviewing the privacy policy applicable to India. WhatsApp is accused of sharing its user data with Facebook, which is why customers are abandoning it.

WhatsApp shares only the basic data of its customers with Facebook and has been doing so since the year 2016. This data only contains as much information as any user gives to Ola or Uber app. The company claims that under the new privacy policy, information about users' communication or its location or anything else will not be shared with Facebook or to any other source.

According to company sources, when a person books a ticket through Make My Trip, then he/she gets a ticket through WhatsApp. Here, Make My Trip works as a business service provider. In the coming years, Facebook also wants to work as a business service provider.

Therefore, with Facebook, users will have the same data share as Make My Trip. The company believes that more people will do business on WhatsApp in the coming days. In such a situation, users should know to what extent their data will be used in this work.