Many personal loan apps removed from playstore

Google has immediately removed hundreds of personal loan apps from its Playstore in India. These include apps that violate the user safety policy, as well as apps marked by users and government agencies. Google has asked its developers to clarify that they follow local laws and regulations, as many loan apps are left on Playstore.

Any app that cannot prove this will be removed. Google has not named the removed apps. Google said in its blog, 'Ensuring security across all our platforms is our top priority. We have prepared our global product policy with this goal and are constantly striving to increase user safety. Google said that based on the feedback received from users and government agencies in India Hundreds of loan apps operating were reviewed.

During this time, apps that violated the rules related to the protection of users were immediately removed. Google clarified that the apps which could not ensure adherence to the policies, in this case, would be removed without any prior notice. Google has also assured to help law enforcement agencies in the ongoing investigation.

Google said that in order to ensure that users are able to make better choices, Google allows only such personal loan apps that have the obligation to repay the entire money after at least 60 days or more. We believe that the features, fees, risk of personal loans and the transparency in the information about the benefits will help people to choose the right option, which will reduce the risk. The veteran tech firm said that developers should only ask for permission as much as required for service. Also, they should not use the permission received from the user for any other purpose.