Many proposals will be signed soon by Biden after taking oath

The newly elected US President Joe Biden has prepared a list of tasks that he will complete on the day of his oath. Soon after taking oath on 20 January, Biden will sign nearly a dozen proposals to tackle the four challenges facing the country - the Corona crisis, economic crisis, environmental problems, and racial inequality.
It is also believed that on the first day of his tenure, he can also declare citizenship to 1.1 million immigrants. Newly appointed Chief of Staff of the White House, Ron Klein, said on Saturday in a memorandum to incoming White House senior personnel, "Biden is taking care at a time when the country is facing a serious crisis." We have four major crises, which are related to each other.
This is the crisis - Corona and the economic crisis that has arisen and the crisis related to environmental problems and lack of racial equality. Immediate steps need to be taken to address all these crises and Biden will take decisive steps to deal with these crises in the first 10 days of his term. It is said that on the day of his swearing-in, the newly elected President Biden would sign about a dozen proposals to deal with four crises.