New Coronavirus Strain Appears More Infectious but not fatal: Experts

The old strain of COVID is more dangerous than the new strain, in which more lives have been lost. This has been revealed in a study. In a study conducted by the Public Health Society in Britain, it was found that not only are more patients infected with chronic strains but it also led to more deaths. 

Therefore, experts say that there is no panic about new strains, although it is more contagious than in old strains, but not fatal. Dr. MC Mishra, former AIIMS Director, said that since the new strain is coming out, it is a matter of some relief that it is not dangerous.

He said that this study was done on 3600 patients by the Public Health Society. 1800-1800 patients of both strains were taken in it and only 42 patients had to admit to the hospital. Of these, 26 patients were of the old strain and 16 patients were of the new strain. This suggests that patients suffering from new strains also have a lower severity. Dr. Mishra said that similarly 12 out of 26 patients of old strain died and 10 out of 16 patients of new strain died.

It was observed here that patients suffering from old strains suffered more deaths than new strains. This shows that the new strain is also deadly. Therefore, there is nothing to panic about new strains. Yes, this study found that the new strain is more contagious than the old, but it is neither more severe nor fatal. On this, Max's COVID Expert Doctor Romel Tikku said that no one should panic.

Now we have all come close to winning the war against this epidemic. Soon the vaccination program will also be started in the country. It is just important that we should continue to use masks. Keep washing your hands and stay away from lepers, follow social distancing. If you have any symptoms, do your examination, so that you can isolate them when infected and this will help to prevent the spread of infection.