Now a permanent house is being built on the Tikri border

A large number of farmers are stuck here. During intermittent rain on Monday night, the farmers spent the whole night talking among themselves. The farmers' beds were wet with water. In such a situation, the parali kept in the tractor-trolley was made to bed and spent the whole night by making a roof with a tarpaulin.

Farmers shivered all night due to the excess of cold due to rain, although there was some relief from the fire in the wood at many places on the borders. Due to the wet rain and the excess cold, many farmers have also deteriorated, yet they are still standing on the border, the farmers say that in this cold my life is lost, but they will return from here to home only after they accept the bill. Farmers here faced a challenge from cold and rain.

Despite the rains and the harsh cold, the farmers' spirits were not reduced and they spent their nights in the middle of the road at night. During this time, water also entered the tents planted by the farmers, due to which the farmers were seen draining the water all night.

At the same time, the farmers who were troubled by the cold also resorted to the bonfire and someone spent the night talking to each other.

Fixed construction on the road continues

Some farmers arrived here with brick, sand, and cement on the Tikri border. Construction work started on Tuesday morning itself. The farmers doing the construction said that they have been here for more than a month, the government is not accepting their demands.

In such a situation, they are also building permanent houses here so that they can avoid the rain and cold. The farmers say that now they will leave from here only when the government agrees to their demands.