People should not fear, the first dose of vaccine will be given to healthcare workers: Experts

Doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff played an important role in the Corona epidemic. Now, these people have come forward to diagnose the questions arising on the vaccine. The first dose of vaccination against COVID will be given to these healthcare workers. Doctors say that common people do not have to be worried about vaccine safety.

Every doubt that arises in their mind will be answered in the next few days. Max's COVID Expert Doctor Romel Tikku said that questioning the vaccine is only to create doubts in people's minds and nothing else. He said that according to the government's plan, if the healthcare workers take the first shot of the vaccine made in the country, then there is nothing to fear for the common people.

After this, the number of front line workers will come. By the time the number of common people comes, the evidence of such a large number of safety and affixes will be in front of them. Therefore, instead of raising questions, encourage the healthcare workers and trust your doctor, nurse, and staff, whereas infection expert Dr. Narendra Saini said that this is true.

First of all, doctors will only get the vaccine. He said that the way the rumor is being spread is wrong. The rumor should stop and the right things should come out. Dr. Saini said that we have appealed to our health care workers, they come forward and make the vaccination program a success. At the same time, Dr. Rommel said that in both the vaccine given their data of safety.