PM Modi to hold meeting with chief ministers before vaccination

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be meeting with all Chief Ministers on January 11, before vaccination starts next week. It was once again rehearsed across the country on Friday to test the roundabout preparations for vaccination, which according to the Ministry of Health has been a complete success.

With this, only the Ministry is finalizing the vaccine purchase agreement with Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech. However, negotiations over the vaccine's price and supply guarantee are stuck. A senior health ministry official said that there is a demand for two vaccines made in the country, given that it reached the right and needy people.

That is why Prime Minister Modi himself will meet with the Chief Ministers on January 11 and try to ensure their active participation in running the vaccine distribution process properly.

Describing the second vaccination rehearsal as successful in all districts of the country, the official said that all preparations have been completed and the work of giving the vaccine to beneficiaries can be started anytime next week.