Rafale jets to participate on this Republic Day Parade

This time the fighter aircraft Rafale will also be included in the parade on Republic Day in the national capital Delhi. The flypast will conclude with the flight of the Rafale aircraft. The flypast in the parade will conclude with a flight at the Vertical Charlie Formation.

Air Force spokesman Wing Commander Indranil Nandi said on Monday that "Under the 'Vertical Charlie' Formation, aircraft fly above the lower latitudes and touch the upper latitudes while performing acrobatics. A Rafale will fly in this flypast.

This year the Republic Day Parade will comprise a total of 38 aircraft of the Air Force and four aircraft belonging to the Indian Army. The flypast will be in two parts. The aircraft during the parade in the first part in the morning will fly from 10.04 am to 10.20 pm. While the second part will be from 11.20 am to 11.45 pm after the parade is over.

The first section will have three formations. The MI7 V5 aircraft will make the 'mark' of the tricolor and the logo of the three armies. Four Army helicopters will make Dhruva Formation. Last formation Rudra in celebration of the victory of 1971 battle with Pakistan will be built.

In the second part of the flypast, nine formations namely Sudarshan, Rakshak, Bhima, Netra, Garuda, Eklavya, Trinetra, Vijay and Brahmastra and MiG-29 will together make Eklavya formations. Sukhoi-30 MKI will showcase lethal weapons and BrahMos missiles. India has signed a deal to buy 36 Rafale from France for around 59000 crores. Eight of these aircraft have arrived in India