Reliance Industries said, the company does not do contract farming nor does it intend to

On the issue of demolition of Jio's mobile towers and the spice of disrupting communication services, the company has said in a statement filed in the High Court that Reliance has nothing to do with the three agricultural laws that are being debated in the country, nor Either way he benefits from them.

The sole purpose of associating the name of Reliance with agricultural laws is to harm our businesses and destroy the reputation. The company said it was associated with Reliance Industries Limited and all its subsidiaries. No other company does nor does corporate or contract farming. Nor are there any plans to enter this business in the future.

For 'corporate' or 'contract' farming, Reliance or any of its subsidiaries has not directly or indirectly purchased any cultivated land in Haryana, Punjab, or any other part of the country. Nor are there any plans to do so in the future.

Reliance Retail is a leading company in the organized retail business. It does not make a direct purchase of food grains from farmers. Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) filed a petition in the High Court on Monday regarding the demolition and disrupting of communication services at Jio's mobile towers in Punjab and Haryana.

In this, an appeal has been made to the High Court to immediately order the government and administration to stop illegal incidents of sabotage. The petition said that the lives of thousands of employees have been endangered due to the sabotage and violent action by miscreants.