SC will hear against the use of force on farmers

Total 35 students have filed a letter petition in the Supreme Court against the use of force on farmers. Taking cognizance of this, the Supreme Court will hear the allegation that the Para Military Force and the police attacked the farmers when the farmers were protesting against the new agricultural laws on the Delhi border.

Students of Punjab University's Center for Human Rights and Duty wrote this letter. They have pleaded that the court interferes in it. The letter states that the farmers have opposed the agricultural law and due to this they have left their home marching to Delhi and two months have passed but no way has been found so far. Now the police are attacking the farmers on the Delhi border.

It has been said that instead of listening to the problems of farmers and a section of the media, they are trying to declare them as separatists. The students said that the entire protest was peaceful but the behavior of the government and media was abusive.

The letter said that the farmers still invited them to eat langar. The students were also asked to investigate the use of water cannon. The petition said that all the cases filed by the Delhi Haryana Police against the farmers should be withdrawn.