Two Weeks Emergency in Washington on Trump's orders

President Trump has issued an order to impose an emergency in the capital ahead of Biden's swearing-in ceremony. This step has been taken with the fear of violence in the coming days. The emergency order in Washington DC will remain in effect from Monday to January 24.

Biden will take the oath of office on 20. Along with him, Kamala Harris of Indian origin will take the oath of Vice-President. Here, the FBI has warned of armed demonstrations in the capitals of Washington and the country's 50 provinces based on intelligence.

The White House said in a statement Monday that the Home Security Department and the Federal Emergency Management Agency coordinated with local officials as needed following the president's order has been allowed to do.

Meanwhile, the law enforcement agency Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported, Armed demonstrations are planned in the provinces of all provinces from January 16 to 20. While a similar demonstration is set to take place in the Parliament complex in Washington from January 17 to 20.