US newspapers said "Trump must go" while he still has time to go

Leading newspapers in the US fiercely attacked President Donald Trump's class in the capital. The newspapers clearly said that there were only trumps behind this violence and incitement of protesters. The US media has described Trump as a "threat", saying he is not eligible to remain in office, so he should be removed from office.

The leading newspaper 'The Washington Post' said that the mob entered the Capitol complex had trumped it. The newspaper gave its first page heading 'Trump Mob Storms Capitol.' The newspaper said the president incited the mob to revolt and commit violence. The editorial team of 'The Washington Post' has spoken of removing trump.

The newspaper wrote in its editorial comment, 'President Trump is ineligible to continue in office for the next 14 days. Every second of his tenure is a threat to law and order and national security. The New York Times newspaper also hit the trap.

The newspaper made its headline (The President stirred up the crowd). Another leading newspaper 'The Wall Street General' also lashed out at President Trump. The newspaper gave the front-page headline 'Mob Storm Capitol.' The newspaper said that the political violence of the violent trump supporter has shaken the entire nation.