What is Anushka-Virat plannings for raising baby

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli is soon to become a parent and is enjoying this feeling very much. Of course, they will become good parents, but the responsibilities of both will increase with the child. In an interview recently, Anushka spoke openly about this.

She said that she would like to teach her child the most important thing that she should respect. She says, we have thought about this before the parents were formed. The way we see the world, there is a big role in the situation at that time.

I am from a progressive background. So I think it will work. Love is an important part of our family and in such a situation, what is more important than respecting our child. You have to maintain those values, we don't want to let it become rude. Anushka continues, 'We thought a lot about it. We certainly do not want our child to remain in the public eye.

We do not want to make it big as a public figure. There is no plan to engage our child in social media. I think this is a decision that your child should be able to take. No child should be made special compared to another. It is very difficult for the elders to deal with it. This is going to be difficult, but we will follow it.