Whatsapp Privacy Policy Update: Private chat will not be affected

The company has said that the terms of use of Whatsapp, which will come into effect from February 8, 2021 Private chat will not be affected by the new Terms of Service, WhatsApp said in a statement, "The new update will make shopping and doing business through WhatsApp much easier than before. Most people today are using it as a business app in addition to chatting.

We have updated our privacy policy as a secure hosting service for the business so that small businesses can reach their customers through it. Our parent company Facebook will also help. A spokesperson said that this update will not disturb the privacy of users, the new update is not going to change the data sharing between Facebook and WhatsApp.

Due to the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp, users are now planning to leave WhatsApp. Telegram and signal messaging apps have seen a steady increase in the number of users. On Saturday, Telegram founder and CEO Pavel Durov said - Users should be respected. Recently Tesla founder Elon Musk appealed to use the messaging app Signal since which use of the signal has been steadily increasing.