WHO team started investigation in Wuhan

The World Health Organization (WHO) team began investigating the genesis of the coronavirus in Wuhan city of China from Thursday. The team reached Wuhan on 14 January and stayed in Quarantine for 14 days. 
The first case of the corona was found in December 2019 in the same city of China. Meanwhile, China has warned Wuhan of rumors regarding the origin of the deadly virus. He said to avoid making any guesses about the origin of the virus. After the two-week quarantine period in Wuhan, WHO team members left their hotel on Thursday afternoon and started fieldwork. 
It is noteworthy that after the inadvertence, China allowed the 14-member WHO team to visit. This team will find out whether the coronavirus originated from Wuhan. Ever since the epidemic began, Beijing has been accused that the laboratory located in Wuhan city caused the global pandemic Covid-19 virus and spread throughout the world. Former US President Donald Trump first alleged this.