Woman tests COVID positive 31 times in 5 months

A corona-affected woman has been investigated 31 times in the last five months, but her report is positive in every investigation. The corona is usually completed in 14 days. But 30-year-old Sharda Devi, who lives in her home ashram in Bharatpur, has been battling Corona for the past five months.
 During this, Sharda Devi underwent RTPCR 17 times and 14 times rapid antigen test, which she found positive in her report. During this time he was given medicines for allopathy, Ayurvedic, and homeopathy, but to no avail. Dr. BM Bhardwaj, Director and President of Apna Ghar Ashram, says that when Sarada Devi was brought here, her weight was quite low. 
She was quite ill. When she was examined, she was found corona positive. When he was taken care of in the ashram, the weight increased by eight kilos. Earlier his weight was only 30 kg, which has now increased to 38 kg. Probably this will be the first such case in the country, in which the report is coming positive for five months. 
She is feeling completely healthy herself. She came to the ashram seven months ago: Despite this, she is kept in an isolation room made in the ashram. He has been tested 31 times so far. The investigation will now be held on Monday for the 32nd time. Apna Ghar is housed in the ashram of the destitute. Such is Sharda Devi, who was brought here about seven months ago.