America said, ready to face China's challenges

US President Joe Biden has given a strong message to China, saying he is ready to face challenges. He said that America will directly face the challenges presented by China. However, working with Beijing in the interest of the country will not be deterred.

 On the other hand, China's foreign ministry has given a cautious response, not overriding Biden's statement. Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that the differences between the two countries are not hidden from anyone. If both countries work together then they can achieve bigger objectives. 

 Addressing the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Biden said, "We will fight economic exploitation by China as well as on human rights, intellectual property and global governance." Will take punitive action to reduce the attack. 

China indicating about how the Biden administration's policy would be, he said, "When it comes to America's interest, we are also ready to work with Beijing." We will work to improve the situation within the country by working with our partners, reshaping our role in international institutions, regaining our credibility and moral authority.