'BAI' Protest Against Rise in Steel and Cement Prices

The Builders Association of India (BAI), an organization representing the construction and building industry against cartelization and unfair price increases in the steel and cement industry. Organized a one-day nationwide dharna and demonstration involving the industry and all the stakeholders who depended participated enthusiastically. 

The purpose of this protest was to attract unethical practice and the government's attention. Construction companies, builders, contractors associated with the construction industry participated in this demonstration. It also demanded the formation of a regulatory authority to curb the industry so that ordinary people do not have to bear the brunt of the inevitable increase in prices. President of Builders Association of India, Mr. Mohan said that BAI has been continuously raising its voice against the practice of cartelization being adopted by the steel and cement industry at various forums. 

He said that BAI has also been fighting a legal battle over this and has been complaining to all the government-related organizations. BAI has also demanded the formation of a regulatory authority to curb this so that this unethical practice is banned. Due to which ordinary people are facing problems and hindering the development of the country. 

Mr. Mohan said that we are all facing the brunt of increased prices of steel and cement. In such a situation, everyone took part in this protest. In spite of no increase in the cost of construction and other related activities, we have been repeatedly demanding the government to conduct a high-level inquiry about the unusual increase in cement prices. It is necessary to find a long-term solution to the problem arising out of such unethical behavior of cement manufacturer companies.