China puts pressure on Nepal to take its Covid vaccine

China pressured Nepal to vaccinate civilians without testing the quality and reliability of their vaccine. This was revealed by the communication between Nepal's Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. There have been reports related to this dialogue in Nepal's media. 

It is believed that China has resorted to manipulation of pressure on Nepal and other countries, buoyed by India's overtaking in covid vaccine diplomacy. Reports in Nepal's media on Sunday show that China has created pressure to deliver the Cyanovac vaccine and pressure was put on Nepal to vaccinate the vaccine. It was said that Nepal should vaccinate with the Chinese vaccine without delay.

 In this regard, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang E also pressurized his Nepal counterpart Pradeep Kumar Gowali in telephone talks before Nepal was asked to purchase the vaccine for free and later by paying the price. The Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, in a letter to the Government of Nepal, asked to start vaccination with the immediate vaccine. This letter was written in a warning manner.