Devastation caused by icy storm in america

Dangerous icy storms in America's Texas and Mexico make the situation serious. So far 21 people have died amid continuous snowfall. There are six people who died after getting stuck in cars on the way. More than 44 million of the population are closed to homes without electricity in Texas alone. More than 200 routes have been blocked here. 

Vaccination centers have also been closed in these areas. National guards have been deployed to save the lives of the elderly. Air services have been discontinued in Texas and Houston. More than 10 million population of America is chilling in the snow. People are taking various measures to avoid the cold.

 A family was found dead in the garage while trying to get heat in the car.In another event, the house caught fire while trying to heat the home. In Texas, frequent icy storms have severely affected electricity production. The state power grid continues to malfunction and Pipelines are frozen. More than eight thousand vaccine doses deteriorated due to lack of electricity supply. So far, 21 people have died in Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Missouri.