Due to the shutdown of internet service on Singhu and Tikri Border, students are not able to take online classes

Internet service has been stopped at picket sites on borders other than Singhu and Tikri borders. After this, the problem of students living in the surrounding villages and colonies has increased. Students say that they are not able to take online classes. Many students also say that they are having difficulty in taking classes due to being net slow. 
Students are demanding from Delhi Police and the Central Government that the government should find an alternative route so that they can get the facility of internet. Most students living around the borders have no Wi-Fi facility. Most students have an online class addiction to mobile. Students living in Indus village, Singhola and Tikri Khurd near Singhu border most due to lack of internet service. 
Students say that they are not able to take proper online classes since January 26. Some students take their mobiles in the morning and take their mobiles to their relatives' house, where after taking the class, they return home again. At the same time, the students around whom there is no knowledge in the villages, are not able to take online classes for many days. 
Students say that their final exam is just a few months away. The teacher is engaged in preparing for the exam. In such a situation, if they do not take classes, then they will have a lot of trouble in the examination. Students are very upset about that. Many villages and colonies around the Tikari border have the same condition. Parents of the children say that children are very upset due to the shutdown of internet service.