Facebook 'unfriends' Australia: news pages go dark in test for global publishing

The conflict between Facebook and Australia's overpayment of news has increased to such an extent that the veteran internet media has' unfriended 'this country.' The American company announced on Thursday that it has banned the viewing and sharing of news by Australians on its platform.

 Facebook has taken this step in protest against the Australian Government's proposed legislation that provides for payment to Australian companies on the use of the news. This law is being made especially keeping Facebook and Google in mind. 

 Facebook said in a statement that Australian publishers could publish news content on its platform, but Australian users could not view or share it. People living outside Australia also cannot share the news of this country. Facebook's regional managing director William Easton said, "The proposed legislation basically made a mistake in understanding the relationship between our platform and those publishers who use this platform to share the news.