GST collection of 1.20 lakh crore recorded in January

The economy is now rapidly improving after the Covid epidemic. Evidence from this is that the tax collection in January touched the figure of Rs 1.20 lakh crore. This is the record collection ever since GST came into force. 
According to government data, 31 January: By 6 pm GST collection has been increased Rs 1,19, 847 crores. This is 5% higher than the previous year's GST collection of the same month. CGST of this. Rs 21,923 crore, SGST Rs 29,014 crore and IGST Rs 60,288 crore and Cess Rs 8,622 crore.
Earlier in the month of December 2020, GST collection was Rs 1.15 lakh crore. This is the fourth consecutive month. When the GST collection has crossed 1 lakh crore. Earlier GST collection was 115174 crores in December of 2020, 104963 crores in November, 105155 crores in October.