Inherited protein may be helpful in fighting corona

A new study has shown that the protein inherited from primitive humans, Corona may help fight infection. This research has been published in a journal called 'Nature Medicine'. It states that the protein 'OAS.' prevents the occurrence of a disease that requires a ventilator.

Not only this, if the level of protein in the body is high, then the chances of death from corona are equal. Brent Richards, a Canadian-based Lady Davis Institute and study writer, said the analysis shows that OAS. It is helpful in the treatment of severe patients struggling with corona. Scientists detected this protein in the blood during the study. 

Researchers say they have encountered a lot of difficulty in determining which proteins are helpful in fighting corona. Scientists said that during the research, protein levels were increased in 14,134 corona patients, due to which they were least likely to be hospitalized, kept on a ventilator and died. At the same time, when protein levels were measured in 504 patients, the scientists found that the increase of OAS1 in patients after infection.