Instructions for action on pro-Khalistan and Pakistan 1178 Twitter account

To spread riots and unrest in India under the guise of the peasant movement, tweets are being made continuously from abroad. Hundreds of tweets are being made from the pro-Pakistan and Khalistan handles. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has submitted a list of 1,178 such accounts to the threat to the unity and integrity of the country and asked them to take action. The tweets of these accounts are being forwarded in a managerial manner. 

Surprisingly, such a tweet is also being liked by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Ministry submitted lists of these accounts to Twitter on February 4. But no action has been taken by Twitter yet. Earlier on January 31, the government had asked Twitter to block 257 links. But no action was taken by Twitter in that regard also. 

These 257 links are linked to the tweet from the Farmers Genocide Twitter was being aimed at inciting violence in the name of the movement, instead of taking action, Twitter called them freedom of expression. On February 1, these 257 links were blocked for a few minutes just before the Twitter lawyer appeared before the ministry committee. 

Given this attitude of Twitter, the government has started preparing for action. According to ministry sources, if Twitter does not find this government's direction appropriate, then the company can challenge the government's direction in court. But so far, the government's directive from Twitter to any court of the country has not been challenged.