Vijay Sethupathi to do a film with Shriram Raghavan

There are reports of Tamil actors Vijay Sethupathi and Katrina Kaif working together in the Hindi film directed by Sriram Raghavan, director of the film Andhadhun. Now Vijay Sethupathi himself has confirmed this. During an interview, he said, 'Yes I am working on a Hindi film with Shriram Raghavan. But my decision to accept this film has nothing to do with language. I met Sri Ram and I liked the story he told me. For me, language is the least important in the choice of a character. For me, only the character's personality matters. Language is nothing but a medium of conversation that also matters. ' There are also reports that the film will be only 90 minutes, with no interval. Apart from this, Vijay is also working with Shahid Kapoor in a web series under the direction of director duo Raj and DK. On this, Vijay said, 'I like the work of Raj and DK. I wanted to be a part of their work. Whether it is a film or a web series, it does not matter. Due to controversies related to the same Tandava and Mirzapur shows, the release of The Family Man 2, another web series directed by Raj and DK, has been extended till the summer.