Biden administration in dilemma over ban on H-1B visas

The Biden administration of the US is still in a dilemma over the Trump-era ban on H-1B visas. While President of the US, Donald Trump prohibited the issuance of new visas until 31 March. This visa is very popular among Indian IT professionals. 

Trump extended the visa ban period last January and argued that the unemployment rate in the US is at a high level and that the burden of more foreign workers cannot be tolerated. American Home. Alejandro, Minister of Security. 

Mayorkas indicated that the Biden administration had imposed a ban on the issuance of new H-1B visas. Also, Alejandro accused Trump of destroying the country's immigration system. Alejandro said, 'President Joe Biden has rescinded many of the orders of his predecessor Trump. They have lifted restrictions on travel and the green cards of Muslims.