Big relief in America, most citizens will get one lakh rupees

After a long wait, the important Corona relief bill of the Joe Biden administration of the US was passed by Parliament. With the passage of this bill of $ 1.9 trillion (Rs 140 lakh crore) on Wednesday, now the American public has cleared the way to help with the corona epidemic. The Biden administration will provide fourteen hundred dollars (about one lakh rupees) to most Americans. 

Additionally, an allowance of three hundred dollars (about 22 thousand rupees) will be given to every unemployed every week. After the passage of the bill, US President Joe Biden also tweeted in this regard. Biden will sign it on Friday. The relief bill will also help speed up the economic activities of the US common citizens 

 Also, a provision has been made to give relief to industries. According to the relief bill, 85 percent of America's population will be given direct assistance of 1400 dollars. In addition to this, an allowance of three hundred dollars will be given every week from September under the federal unemployment allowance. Relief will also be given in payment of installments of health insurance through this bill.

 There is also a provision to help those who run small industries, hotels and restaurants, and entertainment venues. Arrangements have also been made to help children with middle-class people. Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris has said that this day is very important for the people of America, its children, and those who run small industries.