Bill in US Parliament regarding change in H-1B visa

A bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives, the lower house of the US Parliament, on changes to the popular H-1B visa among Indian professionals. This includes prohibiting employers from hiring HB visa holders who have recently sent American workers on long leave or have any such plans.

 It also proposes to pay higher salaries to H-1B visa holders than American workers. A bill called the 'American Jobs First Act', introduced by Republican lawmakers Mo Brooks, Matt Getz and Lance Gooden, proposes radical changes to the H-1B visa program by making necessary changes to immigration and nationality laws. 

According to this bill introduced on Wednesday, a foreign worker cannot be granted HB non-immigrant status unless his employer makes an application to the Minister of Labor to compare him to a US citizen I am proposing a higher annual salary. "With the necessary reforms, this bill will ensure that American workers do not suffer further losses in their country," Brooks said.