Cyber ​​attacks on more than thirty thousand American institutions

America is not getting rid of cyberattacks. Once again, hackers have been attacked on a large scale in the US. Nearly thirty thousand institutions of America have been made victims of these attacks. These include government-non-governmental organizations as well as commercial institutions. These attacks have been carried out by hackers sitting in China. 

 According to Krebs on Security, the China-based Espionage Group took advantage of four vulnerabilities of Microsoft's Exchange Server email software for attacks this time. Through which he penetrated into a network of thousands of institutions and caused damage. He has put malware in the system. Microsoft has not yet revealed how much damage is done by this attack. It has been learned that more than thirty thousand institutions have fallen victim to these attacks. 

According to Krebs on Security, two US cyber experts have reported the attacks to national security advisors. Microsoft has immediately released several security updates to remove the weaknesses of the Exchange Server and asked to install all of them. This week Microsoft warned that Chinese hackers were initially attacking the Exchange server.