Fatty diet can cause heart attack

People who consume a very high-fat diet should be careful. A new study warns that a high-fat diet may trigger a reaction in the heart that may prove fatal. This condition can pose a serious risk of a heart attack.
According to the study published in the journal Biophysical Research Communication, the findings have been based on a study conducted on mice. Mice were fed a high-fat diet and the effect of oxidative stress on heart cells was noted. 

The team of researchers from Reading University found the effect of oxidative stress on the heart cells (heart cells) of mice doubled and these cells were found to be 1.8 times larger in size due to cardiac hypertrophy. Cardiac hypertrophy is related to heart disease.

 The study's lead researcher, Sumbal Naureen, said, "Our study shows that a high-fat diet can damage the muscle cells that make up our heart." A commonly known protein called NOX2 was found to be highly active in rats due to a fatty diet. He said, 'Our study clearly shows that a high-fat diet can cause a lot of damage to the heart. Researchers specifically looked at NOX2 protein in the study. This protein is thought to be associated with increased levels of oxidative stress in the heart.