States are not empowered to act on digital news media

Closing the way to curb the pleasures of digital media in the states, the Central Government has issued a clear directive to all states not to encroach in this jurisdiction of the Center. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has clearly stated that states and local administrations do not have the right to act under the Code of Ethics issued for Digital Media and Over the Top Platform (OTT). 

 The notice was issued to a digital media publication in Manipur based on the new Code of Ethics. The Center intervened in the matter and asked to withdraw the notice. On the instructions of the Center, Western District Magistrate of Imphal has withdrawn the notice. After this, the Ministry of Information Broadcasting on Wednesday said that all states and centers. Clear instructions have been sent to the Chief Secretaries of the territories. 

It states that the Central Government has issued the Intermediate Guidelines under the Information Technology Act, 2000 on 25 February. Under this, a code of conduct has been fixed for digital media and OTT. OTTs must show in their programs what age group the programs are for. Similarly, Digital News Publications has been asked to create a three-tier grievance redressal mechanism. At the first level, the publisher will have to resolve the complaints themselves.