EVM found in BJP candidate's car in Assam, Re-repatriation on Ratabari seat

In Assam's Karimganj district, a mob on Thursday night saw an election officer in the BJP candidate's car carrying EVMs to the strong room. The car belonged to the wife of a BJP candidate from the nearby Assembly constituency Ratabari (SC). The angry mob became uncontrollable due to the possibility of rigging in the election and incited violence in the area. 

The police had to do aerial firing as the commotion escalated. Meanwhile, the Election Commission has also suspended the presiding officer and three other officials of the Election Commission for negligence. Also, voting has been announced again in the respective seats. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Friday tweeted, 'Vadakkam the neutrality of the Election Commission', taunting the Election Commission over the incident. He said that this is a criminal matter and the candidate should be disqualified immediately. 

This shows that the BJP is losing in Assam. The Election Commission issued a statement saying that the presiding officer and three other elected officials have been suspended. Apart from this, the EVM found in the car is very good and there is no tampering. Re-election is announced at Polling Booth No. 149 located at MV School of LAC, Indranagar, Ratabari Assembly Constituency.