More than a thousand deaths in the second wave in the country

The second wave of the Corona epidemic is becoming extremely dangerous. In this case of infections are increasing, the graph of daily deaths is also rising rapidly. For the first time in the second wave, there have been more than a thousand deaths on Wednesday. Record new cases have also surfaced and active cases have continued to rise for more than a month. 

 According to the updated data from the Union Health Ministry at eight in the morning, 1,027 people have died and the number of dead has increased to 1,72,085 in the last 24 hours. For the first time since October 18 last year, so many people have died in one day. However, there is a steady decline in mortality. And currently, it has come down to 1.24 percent. 

A record of 1,84,372 new cases has also been found during this period. And the number of total infected has crossed one crore 38 lakh 73 thousand. Out of these, one crore of 23 lakh 36 thousand patients have been completely cured so far.