Registration rules for vehicles going to other states will be simple

The Ministry of Road Transport has proposed a new draft policy. This will make it very easy for army personnel, government employees, and others to re-register their vehicles in the event of going to other states. In a statement, the ministry said that it is proposing a new system of vehicle registration. Under this, registration of vehicles will be done in 'IN' i.e. these series. 

This will be at the pilot test level. Under these series, vehicles of employees of central, state, central, and state companies and private companies with offices in five or more states or union territories, including army personnel, will be registered. Motor vehicle tax will be levied on these vehicles in two years or its coefficient i.e. four, six, eight… years. This series of vehicles will get the facility even in the event of moving to another state. The vehicle can be transported anywhere across the country.