18+ will now be able to get the vaccine even without prior registration

The government has abolished the pre-registration requirement on the cowin platform for corona vaccination for people between 18 and 44 years old. According to the revised guidelines issued regarding vaccination, now people of this age group will be able to go directly to the vaccine center and get the vaccine there. However, this facility will be available only at government immunization centers. Vaccines will be available at private vaccination centers only after prior registration. A senior Health Ministry official said that the decision to provide registration and vaccine facilities only at the vaccination centers has been taken mainly to prevent wastage of the vaccine. There were complaints from many states that the vaccine is being wasted due to not being able to reach the scheduled day of those who have already registered. In this way, the vaccine will be given to the people who have already registered, as well as the remaining vaccines will be given to the people who came there and they should be registered there. Necessary changes have been made to this in the Cowin portal. It is to be noted that the government in the third phase vaccination campaign started this month, the vaccine was opened for people between 18 and 44 years old. Under the new system, 50% of the vaccine produced in India is shared by the Center and the rest by the states and private sector. The stringent provision for pre-registration for vaccination was made to ensure that unnecessary vaccinations do not accumulate at the vaccination center and ensure compliance with corona infection prevention rules.