China's rover dives to the surface of Mars

Beijing agencies remote-controlled and motorized China's rover drove across the surface of Mars for the first time on Saturday. According to the official Internet media post of the rover, it started landing on the surface of Mars at 10.40 am according to Chinese time. The rover drives off exactly one week after landing on Mars. It reached Mars on 15 May. 

China has become the first country to land an orbiter, lander, and rover on Mars in its first mission. The rover is named Zhurong after a Chinese mythological fire god. China launched the Tianwen-1 spacecraft on July 23, 2020. This includes an orbiter, lander, and rover. This was China's first step towards another planet in the solar system. 

There are six scientific instruments in the 240 kg weighing Jurong. It has a high-resolution topography camera, which will study the surface and atmosphere of the planet. Solar-powered rover Zhurong will also look for ancient signs of life.