Lungs danger even after a year of recovering from corona

Coronavirus (Covid-19). A new study has been done about the impact of this deadly virus on the lungs of vulnerable people. It claims that most corona sufferers hospitalized are recovering well, but that every third person's lungs may be at risk of damage even after a year of infection. 

This risk has been found to be higher in women than men. According to the study published in the journal Lancet Respiratory Medicine, people with corona infections, usually in the case of Covid-19 pneumonia, are usually required to be admitted to hospitals. A study by researchers at the University of Southampton, UK, showed that one year after recovering from a corona infection, a third of patients' lung function deterioration was found. 

This problem in women found more than men. CT scans showed changes in parts of the lungs in about a quarter of the patients. About five percent complained of shortness of breath. This has been concluded based on a study conducted on a group of corona-infected people. Associate Professor Mark Jones of Southampton University said, "Most of the patients suffering from Covid-19 pneumonia appeared to be fully recovered. 

However, some patients took several months to recover. While the decline in lung function was found in women. More study is needed to understand this difference in the recovery of the victims.