North Korea provoked, America ready to face the consequences

North Korea has come under attack after President Joe Biden's statement. It has directly warned the US, that it should be ready to bear the consequences. It also said that Joe Biden made a huge mistake. US President Joe Biden made a statement in Parliament that Korea and Iran's nuclear programs are a serious threat globally. North Korea's Foreign Ministry spokesman Kwon Jong Geun has said that President Biden's statement has proved that the US has been hostile to North Korea for five decades.

This has made the policy of the new US administration clear. If this is the policy, then according to this, North Korea will move forward and America will also have to pay to play hostility. Kwon did not clarify what action North Korea would take after this. Known that two days earlier, White House Press Secretary Jane Saki clarified US policy about North Korea that it would neither follow Trump's friendly policy, nor Obama's patient policy. 

Now north korea It will also be meticulously treated at the diplomatic level. Kwon has not commented on Saki's statement. It is known that North Korea has not yet accepted Joe Biden as the new President of the United States. Warning to South Korea: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's sister Kim Yo-jong, who has full influence in power, has warned South Korea of ​​provocative action. There was an incident of distribution of leaflets against North Korea in South Korea. This has prompted a response from North Korea.