The first Indian to take antibiotic cocktail drugs

84-year-old Mohabbat Singh, a native of Chandigarh admitted to Gurugram Medanta Hospital, has been given an anti-bacterial cocktail drug (monoclonal antibiotic therapy). He is the first patient in the country who has been given this medicine. According to Medanta hospital management, it is the same drug given to former US President Donald Trump when he was infected with corona. Pharmaceutical company Roche India and Cipla on Monday announced the launch of this antibacterial cocktail in India. 

This medicine, which is Rs 59,750 per dose, is given to a corona-infected serious patient. It is reported that Mohabbat Singh is undergoing treatment at Medanta Hospital for five days. He had come here shortly to be near his son. He was given the antibiotic cocktail drug on Tuesday. Doctors of the hospital said that this drug rapidly builds antibodies in the patient's body, which reduces infection in the body. If this medicine is given to the patient initially, then it can be prevented from becoming serious.

 The risk of death also reduces to 70 percent. Dr. Naresh Trehan, Chairman and Managing Director of Medanta said that we are happy that the monoclonal antibodies therapy has reached India. It shows a quick and effective effect on corona infection. He said that we will further protect the lives of more and more people by giving this therapy to such patients.